Why You Should NOT Blindly Believe Our Information

Among the 13 virtues that Benjamin Franklin espoused, one important one was Sincerity (“use no hurtful deceit; think innocently and justly, and, if you speak, speak accordingly”). At the Franklin Project, we try to practice that virtue by providing accurate and relevant information to help you exercise your Constitutional right to vote.

That said, it is ALWAYS a best practice to NOT blindly believe anything you read on the Internet. That is even (especially!) true with our information on voting for the following reasons:

  • You know that Benjamin Franklin is dead (spoiler alert: this isn’t written by him!), you don’t know us personally, and you can’t trust everything you see/hear online.
  • Voting details (including specific locations of ballot drop-off boxes) is subject to change between now and election day. We will do our best to update our information here as details change.
  • Honest people make mistakes – there is a LOT of cutting/pasting that went into building this site and we might have missed something along the way.

To help you in the process of verifying our voter information, we include as many external and source links as we can so that YOU CAN VALIDATE FOR YOURSELF how to best exercise your right to vote.

Errors/Omissions: if you do find an error/omission or updated information, please let us know here.