Franklin Project FAQs

What is the Franklin Project?
The Franklin Project is an effort to help ensure that every American has relevant and timely information about how to safely and effectively absentee vote in 2020. In a time of both pandemic and challenges at the United States Postal Service, Americans deserve easy access to information that will help them vote safely and to do so in a way that they are confident their vote will be counted.

Who makes up the Franklin Project?
The Franklin Project is made up of American citizens who are volunteering their time to help ensure that every American has relevant and timely information about how to safely vote in 2020.

How can I help The Franklin Project?
Gathering ballot drop-off location information across 3,141 counties is a big job and we could use your help. If you are interested in helping, please go to our volunteer tracking page to see which counties still need research and let us know which ones you would like to sign up for.

You can also help sharing election deadline information on social media. We make it easy to do so with just one or two clicks – details at our social media page here

Is the Franklin Project a partisan effort?
The United States Postal Service is authorized by the United States Constitution. As such, it is inherently non-partisan. Voting is a right and a responsibility of all eligible American citizens. Information about voting processes, procedures, location, and timing is open and available to people of all political parties (or no party at all). In the event that we source information from one or more political parties, we will:

  1. tell you so
  2. validate that the information in question is accurate, relevant, and useful to voters of all political parties (or no party at all)

Who makes up the Franklin Project?
Much like Benjamin Franklin himself, our originating contributor is a long-time Independent (not a member of any US political party). We have also noticed that you never see Benjamin Franklin and our originating contributor together – coincidence? Perhaps not!

Additional people volunteer in the collection and maintenance of the information herein. Given the charged political atmosphere, our contributors prefer to remain anonymous servants. To ensure transparency despite our anonymity, we disclose all of our sources so that you can decide for yourself if the information is valid.

How can I help?
The best ways you can help are as follows:

  • Use the site so that you are comfortable and confident in the ability to cast your own vote safely and in a manner where it will be counted
  • Encourage others to vote and share the site with others so that they may also benefit from this information (each answered question can be shared on social media)
  • Take our information with a grain of salt. Use the links we provide to verify information about each step in the process for yourself. Be curious, do your voting homework (hopefully with our help) and don’t simply take our word on something just because it looks OK.
  • Point out any errors or omissions to us here. We try hard, but anybody can make a mistake here and there. We are collecting over 30,000 pieces of information for over 3,000 counties across our great country. Information (especially about ballot drop-off locations) can and will change between now and election day.